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The exclusive experience of excellent cuisine just a few steps away from Florence's Duomo.

The Il Caminetto restaurant represents a jewel for all the lovers of fine cuisine. Situated in the heart of Florence just a stone’s throw away from the Duomo, it offers the unique experience of tasting plates of the highest quality all in an elegant and curated environment, in an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. Our chefs, making use of only the highest-quality ingredients, commit themselves every day to creating small works of culinary art. Faithful to this philosophy, inspired by the authentic tastes of tradition but without abandoning the spirit of innovation and research that sits at the base of every successful recipe, they carefully choose the best raw ingredients that give life to successful and tasty plates that magically retain a harmonious sense of quality, tradition, and innovation. This is, then, the unforgettable culinary experience waiting for you at Ristorante il Caminetto, located in the beautiful historic center of Florence on a characteristic street overlooking the Duomo.  On top of which, during the summer the splendid terrace is always available, an ideal place for tasting our specialties and, at the same time, admiring Brunelleschi’s incomparable cupola.

Our Cuisine

Tuscan flavors and the irresistible pleasures of innovation

Ingredients of the highest quality, respect for seasonality, and skilled workmanship: these are the values that have always accompanied our kitchen, because every dish of ours is the fruit of a careful study fully capable of guaranteeing an equilibrium between traditionally Tuscan dishes and a gastronomic innovation never done for just the sake of doing it. The end result is a carefully refined cuisine ready to offer studied flavors, the evident fruits of expert and excellent skills, prepared with technique, inspiration, and experience. The menu is constantly updated in order to be able to offer you seasonal products with the maximum freshness, and since the raw materials have to be the best possible, our suppliers are picked out with meticulous care with the actual processes of production and preparation monitored carefully. Extreme attention is also given to the aesthetic aspects of the dishes because in a refined restaurant near the Duomo elegance is something necessarily fundamental. After all, it’s quite well known: a dish, even if it’s already delicious, becomes irresistible when it’s also easy on the eyes.


An unforgettable culinary experience

Where We Are

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