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The simplicity of excellence

We at Il Caminetto believe that excellence can only be attained through a passionate study in the art of simplicity. Just like how a beautiful dress doesn't need to be done up in frills and excess, a fantastic plate mustn't lost itself in too much fussiness. This is the only way to ensure that the flavors of the ingredients jump off the plate to their fullest potential. Our menu manages to satisfy even the most refined of palates, by sinking deep into the real roots of the Tuscan traditions, but also by taking into consideration other excellent products coming from other regions in Italy. Quality, after all, has nothing to do with parochialism. It's for such a reason that our kitchen uses, for example, some of the finest meats of the Chianina and Cinta Senese, a staple of Tuscan excellance, as well delicious options like the culatello of Zibello, the late-growing radicchio from Treviso, Pantelleria capers, Bronte pistachios and so much more. All of which, of course, is quality-guaranteed by respective DOP, IGT, or IGP specifications.


Faithful to this philosophy, we've decided to also incoporate the Gragnano pasta as our house pasta, an absolute must-have from which we can't deviate if our aim is to make a prime quality first course. Provided that, obviously, the recipe doesn't call for fresh hand-made pasta, another selection that is always available here. We take that Biological movement in gastronomy seriously as well, for which reason the lemons used in our preparation for certain dishes or deserts are strictly organic. All our deserts are house-made and prepared by hand with extreme care, just like, for example, our by-now our irresistible chocolates.


Lunch suggestions and Tasting dishes

Additionally, for those who need to have a quick lunch but who refuse to sacrifice taste and the pleasure genuinely delicious preparation, we offer an ample selection of tasting dishes and lunch options, with carefully chosen selections of cheese and salami in which Tuscan tradition sits at the head of the table, with everything accompanied by delicious jams and mustards specially prepared by our chefs.

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