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Eating well in Florence

When tradition meets innovation

In addition to its artistic brilliance, Florence is renowned worldwide as top destination for eating well, and it is precisely with the intention of keeping faithful with this philosophy that we, every day, propose to our clients the best raw ingredients, elaborating upon them with a knowing alchemy. Borne from this is a refined and delicious cuisine that’s at once rooted to the Tuscan culinary tradition while also remaining capable of leaving you amazed with its pleasant and tasty reinterpretations.


To guarantee our clients maximum freshness, our menu is constantly updated with raw ingredients of the highest quality according to the changes of the seasons.


We’ve always selected our suppliers with meticulousness, paying close attention to the production phases. Everything gets meticulously examined: both the agricultural supplies as well as the meat, fish, and cheese, as well as the wineries that enrich our wine list. 

An unforgettable culinary experience

Every one of our plates is the fruit of careful study, capably of guaranteeing the correct balance between Tuscan culinary tradition and gastronomic innovation. Only after various taste testings, when we finally feel that an excellence has been attained, do we include a plate in the menu.


To guarantee an unforgettable culinary experience we're continuously working to find new ingredients, unique delicacies with a connection to our Tuscan soil. In our cuisine we only serve fresh ingredients and we offer various vegetarian and vegan options. Our objective is excellence, and to do this we take care of every detail right down to the smallest degree. 

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